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Interrupt the Routine was founded by actor-writers Robert Blackwood and Nick Cowell in 2014, after a few years noodling about with the idea of creating entertainment for the corporate and private world that would be inclusive, fun and engaging.

We started the ambitious project of creating a 6-part vintage, radio-style comedy series that is “The Gin Chronicles” with fictional 1940s acting troupe The Misfits of London, and have been entertaining audiences throughout the country and beyond since the Spring of 2015.

We are always to be found at the Edinburgh Festival, and increasingly at private events, galas and national/international festivals, and we have developed close ties with many a boutique gin distillery in the process of spreading the joy of gin.

“The Gin Chronicles”
Robert Blackwood
Nick Cowell

Our portfolio of entertainment for corporate, charity & private events in London began with our famous ITR Quizzes, which have quickly gained a reputation for being a great way to have everyone involved in an evening, whether it be rewarding a team or acting as an ice-breaker for new clients, and we have now expanded to include Gin-Tastings,  Pop Up Gin Bars and Murder Mysteries.

Since the birth of his daughter, Nick has segued in to a graphic design role, with appearances as a Misfit of London whenever he can, and the ITR team continues to expand with more trained quizmasters, gin-enthusiasts (not hard to find) and professional murder mystery suspects to help make sure we’re only giving you the very best entertainment at your events.

Interrupt the Routine is developing relationships with new companies, venues and events planners all the time with the purpose of taking what we do all over London and the South-East, so if you are looking for something full of joy, passion and with an acceptable dash of mischief, then come to us for your event, and let us deliver something special for you.

*We are always on the lookout for more investment and like-minded sponsors as we endeavour to take our shows out to public audiences.

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