Edinburgh festival fringe Tickets 2017 “The Gin Chronicles at Sea”

August is not far away, and you know what that means!

by Robert Blackwood

Every year about this time, the excitement starts to become palpable. In just under a month, The Edinburgh Festival roars into life, and Interrupt the Routine kicks into full-on event mode. Tickets are starting to sell as people decide on what to see, whether it’s on an intricate spreadsheet mapping out everything from budget, ticket price & location to walking-time between venues or as part of a couple of bookings that then leave room for people to go up, read reviews and go to what’s hot.

The Misfits of London are taking up their brand new adventure – “The Gin Chronicles at Sea” – to The Edinburgh Festival, which will be our 3rd episode in the series, and we have some new cast members joining the company, and the great support of Edinburgh Gin and Fentimans Botanical Beverages.

I have had conversations with comedians, producers, actors and directors about how many years it takes to establish yourself at The Fringe. Edinburgh is a tough place to come and do well, but the 3 year mark was often mentioned as the time where you could, with some decent past reviews and the stars in alignment, expect people to see you as an Edinburgh Festival Institution. Tickets are bought by people who want to know what all the fuss is about as well as the loyal following, and recommendations from people to their friends to “Go and see ‘The Gin Chronicles’” start to make a real difference to those ticket sales.

So now what we need to do is knuckle down, make sure the script is in the right place, and then rehearse well and get some good previews under our belts. We are previewing at the beautiful Hampton Hill Theatre on July 29th, and also at All Saints’ Church, East Sheen on July 28th. Tickets are available here if you want to see us before we go up to Edinburgh. Otherwise, bring on the Festival, hopefully some good ticket sales up there. You can be sure of two things: the first is that we will definitely entertain you, and the second is that you will definitely receive your free Edinburgh Gin and Fentimans Pink Grapefruit Tonic Water with every Edinburgh Festival ticket!*

*And it really is free. We do not build it in. The top ticket price to all our standard public shows has always been £12, as we want all our fans to be able to see us.