Edinburgh Fringe Festival Tickets - The Gin Chronicles 2018

The Misfits of London return to the Edinburgh Festival




The Gin Chronicles at Sea

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After-parties with ‘The Gin Chronicles Jazz Band’ to be held at:

“The Gin Chronicles at Sea”

Amateur detectives Jobling & Golightly are seeking respite from the mischief & villainy surrounding the world of Gin. Sadly all hopes are dashed as, whilst sailing across the Atlantic for the restorative bustle of New York City, another botanical-based mystery hoves into view.

A secret recipe, wealth, jealousy and the urgency to solve the case before they dock all ensure there’s little time for shuffleboard & idle badinage.

Join The Misfits of London in their BRAND NEW ADVENTURE as they return to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival for their 3rd triumphant year.

COMPLIMENTARY Edinburgh Seaside Gin & Fentimans Pink Grapefruit Tonic Water WITH EACH TICKET (Children & Teetotallers receive a Fentimans Soft Drink)


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Gin 71 – www.gin71.com

After Party

We are excited to announce that in 2018 we will be partnering with the fantastic Gin 71 bar every night we perform in Edinburgh for ‘The Gin Chronicles After-Party’.

Following each show, as friends of The Misfits of London you can come and enjoy our exclusive ‘Gin Chronicles Cocktail’ at a special “rationbook” price when you present your tickets, and then find a nice spot to kick back and listen to the vintage brilliance of ‘The Gin Chronicles Jazz Band’ led by the enormously-talented John Blackburn.

After the later show each night, The Misfits of London will be in attendance.

ArtSpace @ St Marks

Gin 71