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In researching for “The Gin Chronicles”, it became clear that our love of Gin could be put to good use.

The response to our gin tasting nights in London has been fantastic, so if you are looking for a way to entertain or thank people in the comfort of your offices or a private space, then why not have Interrupt the Routine come and host a corporate or private gin tasting for you.

We offer a range of gins, mixers, bitters, syrups, garnishes & vermouths to help take you through a history of gin, with some tales about how certain cocktails came about (some true, some half-true, some entirely dubious!) So get in touch to have us come and deliver a great night of fun in London. And if you want to go with our food-matching option, then we can give you a quote for that too. Rob & The Team @ ITR P.S. If you are able to have more than one option for dates, we would love that, as we don’t want to disappoint you by being booked up.

How it works

  • Liaising with you – in person or over the phone – to discuss your venue (we usually set up in your office spaces, private spaces that you are hiring, or occasionally bars/pubs).

  • Listening to you about what you would like from the evening (standing or sitting, food-matching or just general food to accompany, and of course what gins you are looking for).

  • Talking to you about how we’ve worked in the past and what we’ve learned, but we look to work with you to understand what YOU are looking for in an evening.

  • Discussing structure & timings.

  • Giving you a quote, and then, if you’re happy, we come in and deliver a cracking, inclusive night of gin and more.

  • We firmly believe in our part of your evening lasting between 90-120 minutes and no more, as otherwise, frankly, it’s a long time and the mind starts to addle if we go too far beyond gin o’clock!

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