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In researching for “The Gin Chronicles”, it became clear that our love of Gin could be put to good use.
Gin Tasting London

“They amazed and dazzled! Instead of serving us standard, pre-mixed cocktails, we were served bespoke G&Ts with hand selected garnishes and freshly shaken martinis upon request”

– Danya (EY)

ITR Gin Tastings – London & the South-East


When ITR delivers a Gin Tasting, we create an experience. We want you and your guests/colleagues to enjoy the history, smell the aroma of the botanicals & taste the cocktails that we make for you from scratch.


In between serving you different gins, we talk about the history of this most British of drinks and guide you in a light-hearted, informative way as to how gin came to be such a versatile, popular cocktail spirit.

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We only use premium, hard-to-find gins. In a standard tasting, 4 different, contrasting gins are given. The first will be as a welcome drink, with the next 3 being offered as both tasters AND in cocktail form. We offer long cocktails for the first two of these, and we also offer the final gin as a Martini or a Negroni.



 We bring along a range of mixers, vermouths, bitters and garnishes, and can deliver a tasting in offices and venues in and around London.

Simply put, we know what we’re doing.

An ITR Gin Tasting usually takes about 120 minutes to deliver*


We bring along everything we need – premium mixers, garnishes, ice, all bar accoutrements, linen etc. – and we only require serving and prep area if in your offices or at a venue, though we can also quote for a mobile bar.


We believe in sustainability, and talk to the distillers we collaborate with about how they work (growing botanicals themselves, or signing up to Best Practice Foraging charters) and we ourselves use biodegradable plastic and paper products throughout our tastings. We used organic garnishes for 47 of 52 gin tastings in 2018.


We can look at different set-ups that reflect different prices, but our standard tastings range in price between £42-47 per head (this range is for London events only).

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*WARNING: Gin o’clock has been known to go on longer

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