Gin Tasting London

ITR Gin Tasting Club London

In researching for “The Gin Chronicles”, it became clear that our love of Gin could be put to good use.

Join us – one of London & the South-East’s up-and-coming independent gin-tasting companies – for “Around the World with Different Gins”, a wonderful experience in the beautiful (upstairs) Ballroom at The Star & Garter, Putney, over-looking the River Thames. ITR will be featuring gins from Europe at their first three tastings, followed by the next three from Oceania, and so on as we look at the wonderful history of a spirit defined by the world’s oldest known essential oil: Juniper. A plant that has been used for centuries in medical tonics, healing or strong waters and at the bottom of pointed face masks in order to ward off the plague, this most sacred botanical has – through it being the defining ingredient in gin – created a rich history of practical solutions for the human condition and hedonistic pleasure. However, much as this most noble spirit is synonymous with Britain and its culture, the plant is so old that it spread throughout the world and is recognised as indigenous to every continent ITR will look at. Juniper was around long before humankind created borders, and we want to celebrate that. On arrival you will walk through the aromas created by diffusers providing an olfactory sensescape of botanicals, with a welcome gin-based cocktail handed to each guest as you are invited to take a seat. On the tables will be a selection of botanicals for you to familiarise yourself with (after all, not everyone knows what botanicals look, smell or taste like) along with some nibbles (more substantial fair can be ordered separately). Aside from the welcome drink, you will receive a taster of Genever, and tasters of 3 modern, contrasting gins. With each modern gin, guests will (after tasting) be invited to come up to the bar and have a cocktail made for them as a long cocktail (with a choice of quality mixers and garnishes) or as a short cocktail (with a choice of a Martini or Negroni). A range of quality mixers and garnishes will be on offer as you have an opportunity to get to experiment, understand your palate and enjoy gin in a way that you would like. At the end of the evening, each guest will receive an ITR Gin certificate. Details of each gin we use will also be provided (along with the mixers) for guests to purchase easily, and some of our merchandise will be available for those attending these tastings to have before going on general release. For anyone who books for the next continent at one of our tastings, there will be a discount.