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Murder Mysteries

We like to provide entertainment that is a little bit special.

ITR Murder Mysteries are created to bring a mark of quality and enjoyment to our clients.

We can tailor the Mysteries to include certain clues, or facts about a real-life guest in one of our existing scenarios, or we can create them from scratch as we have previously been commissioned to do for clients like Port Lympne Nature Reserve, Kent and The NED Hotel, London.

We know that a Murder Mystery requires a palpable tension, genuine entertainment and professional actors who come to deliver an enjoyable experience for you and your guests, and we offer the same care and detail to a dinner party of 6 people as we do to a Private Member’s Club event of 120 people.

We have the following scenarios ready to go, and can provide more information upon request:

1) A Victorian Murder Mystery set in a tavern.

2) A Vintage Murder Mystery set in a country house (1919-1950)

3) A 20th century Office Murder Mystery that can be adapted to the time period to be modern or vintage.

For all enquiries and quotes, PLEASE EMAIL

N.B. We are in the process of creating a Halloween Murder Mystery, along with a modern day scenario for our clients. Watch this space for when they become generally available. All other Corporate Event requests will be treated as creating Murder Mysteries from scratch, and will be quoted for differently.


Port Lympne Mansion

How it works

  • ITR liaise with you about what you are looking for, and then quote for the event.

  • We provide actors with high quality improvisation skills from our ITR repertory who had been briefed fully on character and structure for the evening.

  • An experienced facilitating actor-manager playing the detective would be the on-site ITR point-person, ensuring a good pace to the evening , slick character/audience interaction and trouble-shooting any variables that may come up.

  • Logistics with the venue are confirmed by us to make sure the set-up was organised in advance.

  • Timings would be clarified to ensure the Murder Mystery is balanced to work into a schedule and ensure a good evening. YOUR good evening. In our experience, we find that 2 hours is a good framework to work towards, ensuring widespread inclusion & engagement (however, we understand that there are bespoke set-ups that naturally allow for expansion and contraction depending).

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