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“The Gin Chronicles”


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Interrupt the Routine presents an exclusive, 5-show run of the first adventure in “The Gin Chronicles” series at the Queen Charlotte Hall Theatre @ the RHACC, Richmond.

This Event Has Ended in Richmond but you can still see the Show next week 25th July in Guildford – Click Here for Details and Tickets

The Misfits of London are a 1940s acting troupe who perform fast-paced, physical, radio-style comedy adventures in front of vintage microphones, with a foley artist providing live sound effects.

“The Gin Chronicles” is not only the name of the series of our adventures, but also the very first adventure. Reviews are effusive across the board:

THE SCOTSMAN says of ‘The Gin Chronicles’ adventures:

Go, see, laugh, gasp, imbibe” (4 stars)


BROADWAY BABY calls them:

a verbal and visual treat… rarely can a show make one laugh for such a long period of time” (5 stars)


and REMOTE GOAT says:

it left audiences loving every minute” (5 stars)


Taking inspiration from that light-hearted, wonderfully flippant style of comedy that was made famous by the work of Oscar Wilde and perhaps most recently brought to the airwaves by BBC Radio 4’s “Bleak Expectations”, Robert Blackwood and Nick Cowell create a world where a collection of deliciously-idiosyncratic characters all get to entertain a growing following of people who like to come to watch The Misfits of London, forget their troubles and leave with a smile on their faces.

So come and join us as John Jobling and Doris Golightly (our wonderful duo of amateur detectives) throw themselves into the race to find missing gin magnate Cornelius Juniper. Will the offices of ‘The Hyde Park Herald’ throw up any useful information? Could the Devonian distillery workers hold the key to the mystery? Could the exuberant French ball-bearing factory workers be hiding something? And might it be wise to interview the gruff fiancé to Jennifer Juniper, daughter of the missing magnate? So many questions, and so little time.

So come with us into a world of thrills, spills and derring-do as The Misfits of London bring warmth, energy and joy to the people of Richmond-upon-Thames and beyond.

Early-bird tickets are £12 until the end of June, with full-price tickets thereafter still at a very reasonable £15. 19th – 21st July.

Click Here For Tickets.

The Theatre is a 3-minute walk from Richmond station (5 minutes if you’re wearing heels) and we encourage people to come in vintage clothing to help us create that wonderful atmosphere of 1940s chic.

We are also performing the show in Guildford see Whats on in Guildford