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“The Gin Chronicles Christmas Show”


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Join The Misfits of London for our ONLY LONDON PREVIEW of the BRAND NEW CHRISTMAS SHOW:


‘The Gin Chronicles at Christmas’


Yuletide is upon us, and Doris Golightly is happily preparing for Christmas in London with her employer and partner in detection – upper-class half-wit John Jobling – when he is summoned back to Jobling Hall by his Aunt on very urgent business. As he is leaving, his younger cousin Randolph arrives unexpectedly having been galavanting around Europe. As hospitable as ever, Jobling insists his younger cousin should stay as long as he likes, and Doris is tasked with ensuring he doesn’t get involved in any shenanigans…..



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Randolph stumbles upon Doris reading aloud an urgent telegram and overhears the cry for help from a Baroness far, far away in a place called Pantoland. Doris initially plans on doing nothing without Mr Jobling, but young Randolph convinces her that they really should respond. The future of Pantoland depends upon it!


Transported by some utterly questionable means to the front door of Baroness Hardup’s residence, Doris and Randolph have to think on their feet and unravel a family situation that is in no way what they expected!


A delight of festive joy, this rollercoaster vintage, radio-style comedy adventure will be performed only once in London at the wonderful RHACC Theatre in Richmond before heading north to Birmingham, so come and join The Misfits of London with their usual array of voices, live sound effects and family fun.

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