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“Interrupt Your Routine”




At Interrupt the Routine, we offer a great VIRTUAL QUIZ platform to bring people together in these uncertain times. Over 60% of our clients (companies, charities, organisations and private clients) have not just come to us for ONE quiz, but have KEPT COMING BACK over the last 3 months because they know that we deliver a LIVE ONLINE QUIZ which engages everyone and gives something social, competitive and fun.


Below is a summary of our virtual quizzes:


1) Tried and tested software that anyone can play on from anywhere in the world. That way, you can trust us to deliver a great virtual event with YOUR branding at the top of the quiz.


2) A 40-question quiz as standard. Running Time: Just over 1 hour. Multiple Choice questions and also single, written-answer questions (ALL with a timed response, so the quicker you answer, the more points you get).


3) Play as INDIVIDUALS or in TEAMS (up to 2000 players).


4) On-going Top 10 leaderboard where, after a certain number of questions, players can see where they’re individually-positioned (we can provide you with a full breakdown of the final positions after the event).


5) Picture questions, or even image clues to questions and the offer of a music round.


6) You to provide us with the demographic of those playing (age range/nationality etc) & we create the right quiz just for you.


7) We know what we’re doing, are professionals with a 5-star Google & Facebook review rating, and we are updating our software to ensure the best experience compatible with the widest number of browsers.


In terms of pricing, we have the following packages for our standard format of 40 questions:


A stand-alone virtual quiz: £200 A package of 2 quizzes (valid until August 30th 2020): £180 per quiz A package of 3 quizzes (valid until August 30th 2020): £165 per quiz A package of 4 or more quizzes (valid until August 31st 2020): £150 per quiz


Thank you so much for coming to us. Please email for any enquiries, or call Rob on +44 (0) 7716445039 between the hours of 0900-1700 GMT