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ITR – Virtual Online Quizzes


“Interrupt Your Routine”




This year, we have seen ALL our Routines Interrupted.


We realise there are more important things than planning a Christmas Party, but if you’re going to do it, you want to have a company that delivers a fun, engaging VIRTUAL experience (and a 5-star Google Review rating) so you can relax knowing your event with us WON’T be ‘subject to change’.


You book, we deliver!


Never had one of our Virtual Quizzes before? See below for a (hopefully!) helpful breakdown of what happens:




1) We agree on the set-up (most companies have their players compete as individuals or households, but some prefer to play in teams, which involves one extra step).

2) We agree a hosting platform. Either we use Google Meet, Cisco Webex or Microsoft Teams, or you invite us onto your preferred platform and make us a host. Whatever’s easiest.

3) You tell us the demographic of your players (age range, nationalities etc.) so we can create a tailored, 40-question quiz.



1) PRE-QUIZ: Your ITR host is ready and waiting 15 minutes before the agreed start time to welcome people in.

2) STARTING THE QUIZ: Your ITR host welcomes everyone and posts a link in the chat to access our live, interactive quizzing software. We like to have your logo on the Quiz Welcome Page for players to feel relaxed, knowing they’re in the right place.

(desktops/laptops/tablets can easily display everything, but smaller devices require the hosting webinar to be minimised to play the quiz, so you just hear rather than see once the quiz has started and you’re answering questions)


4) QUESTIONS: The Quiz is made up of Multiple Choice & Written-Answer Questions. ALL have a timed response, so the quicker you answer, the more points you get. Your host will read out the questions so that you can both see AND hear them.

5) MAXIMUM NUMBERS: 2000 players.

6) SCOREBOARD: On-going Top 10 leaderboard. ALL players will see where they’re individually-positioned after every 4 questions.

7) GRAPHICS: Every Question has an image or video clip attached to it as standard.

8) BREAKS: Each round is compiled of 10 questions (General Knowledge), and between each round, there is a short break of 3 minutes for people to come “on camera” and “on mic” to chat, assess the positioning, engage in a bit of banter, or just to use as an opportunity to refill their coffee/tea/prosecco/beer. Before the next round, the Host goes through the answers to the previous 10 questions.

9) WINNERS: we announce the Winner/Winning Team & their prize (along with any further prize-winning positions) and thank you and your guests for playing.



1) We send you an email to say thank you, and include a list of all the players and their final scores.

2) You think about when you’d like your next INTERRUPT THE ROUTINE VIRTUAL EVENT.


Email for quotes and enquiries, or call Rob on +44 (0) 7716445039 between the hours of 0900-1700 GMT