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Wine is a subject that people often feel excited and nervous about all at the same time.

We know that drinking some good wines can be off-set by the nervousness of talking about them, or being asked questions.

With an ITR wine-tasting, we look to take the snobbery out of it and concentrate on letting people enjoy what they’ve got in their glass as it reaches their palates. There are a lot of things that aren’t right or wrong in the wine world, it’s simply about what you like, and feeling comfortable about developing your palate on your terms and seeing what that does to your choice of wines. We intersperse the tasting with vignettes, advice about palate development, and our own ITR central tenet of having fun and engaging with your own senses, and feeling good about chatting to those around you. We are not MWs, we are dilettantes who study and who know how to keep an evening fun, entertaining and well-paced. Bespoke, corporate wine tasting and private events in London.

How it works

  • Liaising with you – in person or over the phone – to discuss your venue, or to put a few ideas your way (there are venues that we work with. Each one has conditions of sale, so it could end up being a place we’ve worked with before, or you may choose the venue, or decide on your office dining area).

  • Listening to you about what you would like from the evening (standing or sitting, food-matching or just general food to accompany, a quiz, some challenges, and of course what wines you are looking for).

  • Talking to you about how we’ve worked in the past and what we’ve learned, but we look to work with you to understand what YOU are looking for in an evening.

  • Discussing structure & timings.

  • Giving you a quote, and then, if you’re happy, we come in and deliver a cracking, inclusive night of wine and more.

  • We firmly believe in our part of your evening lasting between 90-120 minutes and no more, as otherwise, frankly, it’s a long time and the mind starts to addle when we get onto the redsh….sorry, reds.

Make a booking

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